Him Craft to emerge as a new brand name for Himachals Handicraft

Himachal Pradesh is well-known for its varied arts and crafts forms. The rich, extravagant and traditional culture of the state is depicted in these varied craft forms. The handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh reveal the immaculate craftsmanship of the artisans. To strengthen the economy of both the artisans and the state, the present state government mulls promoting handicrafts and handloom products at the national and international levels by developing a proper marketing strategy.

The present state government is all set to rebrand the Himachal Pradesh State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation Ltd. as ‘Him-Craft’, a new brand name for the state’s handicrafts and handlooms. The move is aimed at increasing the income of artisans and expanding their customer base, ultimately leading to improved economic conditions and greater financial stability.

“Branding is crucial for any product and the new brand name will definitely help in promoting and branding all handicrafts and handloom products made by artisans and weavers of Himachal Pradesh. This will ensure authenticity, enhance customer satisfaction and build trust for the state’s handicrafts and handloom products” said Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

The new trade name will be reflected in all official documents, including business cards, letterheads, email signatures and the official website, consolidating all handloom and handicrafts products under a single umbrella brand.

The Handloom and Handicraft products made by the artisans of Himachal are in great demand in the domestic and international markets. Some souvenir items made by the ‘Him-Craft’ for gifting to the delegates of G-20 were appreciated widely. Even art and craft products of the State are placed in the President Retreat at Mashobra, recently opened for the public.

Handicrafts and handlooms are an integral part of Himachali culture and are deeply rooted in the state’s history. The state has a rich tradition of weaving, embroidery, wood carving, metalwork, pottery etc. and these traditional handicrafts have been passed down from generations and have evolved over time, incorporating modern techniques and designs. Infusion of better marketing strategies and promotion of brand name can be fruitful in achieving the desired goals.

“To promote handicrafts and handloom products in national and international markets, the government plans to develop a marketing strategy. The new brand will have a website, social media presence, and advertising campaigns to boost sales. All these measures will go a long way in uplifting the lives of artisans of the state” said Sh. Sukhu.

The change in brand name as ‘Him-Craft’ has been welcomed by different spheres of society including artisans and expects it to have a positive impact on the organization as well. The rebranding of HP State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation Ltd. as ‘Him-Craft’ is a step towards promoting the state’s handicrafts and handloom products, increasing the income of artisans and improving their economic conditions. 

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