Dagali is a scary and strange festival in the series of Teej festivals of Himachal

The festival of witches was celebrated as per tradition last night in the Dagali Keonthal area. Let us tell you that Dagaili is the strangest festival in the series of Teej festivals celebrated in the state. Which is celebrated every year after one month of Raksha Bandhan festival on Chaturdashi and Amavasya of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This festival is celebrated according to ancient tradition, especially in districts Shimla, Sirmaur, and Solan. In some areas, it is also celebrated on Krishna Janmashtami. This year this festival was celebrated as per tradition on 13th and 14th September in the Keonthal area.
According to folklore, Dagyali is considered to be the festival of witches. It is said that demonic powers are fully awakened in this festival. Let us tell you that since the past, Dagyali has been considered the most frightening festival. A few days before this festival, the priests of the local deities go to every house and give rice and mustard seeds to the deity in the form of a protective chakra, which is kept at the main door of the house on the night of Chaturdarshi so that demonic powers do not enter the house. Apart from this, twigs of Bhekhal bush are also hung on the doors and windows of temples, houses, and cowsheds as a form of protection.
On this festival, Patidas are specially made of taro leaves which are called Dhinghade in the local language, which on the night of Amavasya are cut into four pieces with a sharp knife or an ax on the threshold of the house, which are then spread on the roof to the witches in all four directions. It is offered in the name of so that the demonic powers cannot do any harm. Tantrik says the night of Dagyali is the most suitable time for sadhana. This Amavasya is called Kushotpatini Amavasya in the scriptures. On this day, people uproot Kusha for worship and keep it in the house throughout the year, which is considered to have special significance. As soon as dusk falls, people hide in their homes.
Senior citizen and litterateur Sherjung Chauhan and Pritam Singh Thakur said that huge stones are still present at many places in the area, about which their ancestors used to say that witches had brought these stones from some village at night and kept them here. Which shows the relevance of this festival.

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