Bicchubooti greens eaten with great fondness during winter have several health benefits

In the rural areas of Keonthal, especially during winters, Bicchubooti i.e. Bhabhar greens are eaten with great fondness. Eating Bhabhar greens in winter increases the body’s immunity due to which there is no fear of contracting any disease. Apart from being very tasty, Nettle grass has a warming nature, which reduces the incidence of cold in the body.
Let us tell you that Nettle greens are one of the mountain dishes and the flavor and taste of its greens are unique. While Nettle is used to scare small children in rural areas, Vitamin C and minerals are found in abundance in Bhabhar. The most important thing is that Nettle is not cultivated but it grows automatically in fields, barns, and barren lands. Astrologers believe that in the period of Saturn, wearing the root of Nettle at a special time reduces the wrath of Saturn and the person does not need to wear sapphire etc.
Dayaram Verma, a senior citizen of Peeran village, says that Bichbooti Saag is often prepared at his house in winter because it tastes very tasty with cornbread in winter and its use does not cause cold in the body. He said that in the past when no vegetables were growing during winter, Bhabhar’s greens were the only option.
Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Vishwabandhu Joshi said that the scientific name of Nettle is Urtica dioica. It is most cultivated in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. He said that Nettle is rich in Vitamin C and high amounts of iron, which is very beneficial for stimulating the production of red blood cells. He said that regular consumption of tea made from Nettle can lower systolic blood pressure. Can help reduce.
Although in the glare of modernity, there is a lot of change in the lifestyle of humans, traditional costumes, fairs and festivals and mountain cuisine have great importance in the changing environment, which gives strength to the preservation and promotion of the rich culture of the state.

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