16 years of hard work, Ritu Negi of Sirmaur leads India in Women’s Kabaddi

It is said that daughters increase the honor of two families. Ritu Negi of her maternal and in-laws’ house, Himachal has also shown this. The daughter has made not only Himachal but also Haryana proud by being the daughter-in-law.

Ritu Negi was born in a remote area of ​​the Giripar region of Himachal, where bus facility is also limited. One has to walk for hours and struggle to get basic facilities. The bus reached Ritu’s village about a year ago. The daughter, born in an ordinary farmer family, had no idea that one day she would bring glory to the entire state with her madness for Kabaddi.

Know the story of the struggle of Indian captain “Ritu Negi”, born in the remote village of Himachal.

After completing her primary education in the remote village of Sharog, Shillai went there and got selected for State Hostel Bilaspur during her 10th-class studies.

Ritu, born on 30 May 1992, after 16 years of hard work has achieved the honor of becoming the captain of the Indian women’s Kabaddi Team, the bus reached Ritu’s village about a year ago. Although her list of achievements is long, the golden moment was in 2011, when under the captaincy of Ritu, the Indian team won the gold medal in the Junior Asian Championship held in Malaysia.

Ritu is the first woman in the history of women’s Kabaddi from the hill state, who will represent the country’s team in the Asian Games.

Ritu got only four days’ leave for her marriage, because at that time also the camp of the Indian team was going on in Gandhinagar. However, the Asian Games were postponed due to the global pandemic. The captain of the Indian women’s Kabaddi team, who got married to Haryana’s star Kabaddi player Rohit Gulia on 22 April 2022, continued her studies along with sports.

Ritu got the news of becoming the captain of the Indian team during the camp in Patiala, Punjab. After this, the team left for Delhi. As far as the Indian team is concerned, it may face competition from the Iranian team, but the team is in no mood to repeat the same mistakes as in the previous games.

Indian kabaddi team

In women’s Kabaddi, India had lost the gold in the last Asian Games by a margin of just three points. The Indian team has to play matches in Hangzhou, China from 2 to 7 October. At present it was not decided against whom India would have to play the first match.

Ritu Negi, who started her innings in Indian Railways on 3 December 2014, did not find any special job opportunity in her state, hence she chose Railways. Pushpa Rana and Sushma from Ritu’s own area have also been selected for the Indian team.

Special conversation….

In the conversation, Indian women’s kabaddi team captain Ritu Negi said that she has reached this position due to hard work, the blessings of her parents, and the blessings of coaches on the field.

In response to a question, Ritu Negi said that Team India is leaving for China on Thursday night with the aim of gold. He said that the teams of Iran, Thailand, and Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) are good. She said that after correcting past mistakes, Team India is going to enter the field for gold.

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