Exploring the Hidden Conversations of Insects: A Workshop held Rayat Bahra University

Under the auspices of the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology in Chandigarh, the Department of Life Sciences at Rayat Bahra University, in collaboration with NCSTC and DST, organized a workshop titled “Unveiling the Language of Insects.”

Dr. Lalit Mohan, from the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed to be University) in Agra, delivered insights into the intricate ways insects communicate and interact. He delved into various forms of insect communication, including chemical, visual, auditory, tactile, and vibrational methods.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Parvinder Singh commended the workshop’s unique theme and underscored the vital role of insects in maintaining ecological balance.

Dr. Simerjit Kaur, the Dean of Students Welfare, emphasized the elaborate chemical language used by insects for daily survival and interactions. She highlighted how insects utilize chemical signals for finding mates, hunting for food, and self-preservation.

Dr. Preeti Sharma Rawat extended gratitude to all participants and the esteemed speaker for sharing invaluable insights into insect signaling.

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