Himachal to encourage young entrepreneurs to invest in the State

There is no doubt that youth are the future of our world. Thinking from an economic perspective, youth entrepreneurs are the future of the economy because they contribute to the economy by job creating, increasing productivity, utilising rural resources and implementing novel innovations. The field of entrepreneurship is the best platform for youth to contribute to their families, communities, and societies more meaningfully and economically.

In this challenging world, policymakers and authorities believe entrepreneurship can help youths to become financially self-sufficient on their own.  The importance of youth entrepreneurship is high-priority area in today‚Äôs context as it is more innovative and globalization and digital technology help youth in innovation and to be more updated. They are not afraid to break the status quo and also are not limited to cultural barriers. Youth entrepreneurs create new values for the economy by creating novel products and processes by building new firms.

In an attempt to involve the youth entrepreneurs in a big way to be partners in the development of the State, Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has decided to pay special attention to encouraging young entrepreneurs in the State to invest in the State. For this, a better ecosystem is being developed for young entrepreneurs in the State. The Government has identified a few sectors such as electric vehicles, tourism, green hydrogen, green technology etc. where young entrepreneurs can be involved in a big way.

Apart from these fields, there is immense scope for investment for the youth in the areas like artificial intelligence, web development, app development, mobile games, digital creations and robotics etc. Youth are more likely to engage in these fields as they are already learning these things. There are massive amounts of technology related vacancies in the world. The youth will surely grab these opportunities and one can expect a lot more technology related technopreneurs near future.

The State Government is also planning to set up clusters in the areas of cane and bamboo-based, traditional footwear, tea-based, weaving, food processing, etc under the Central Cluster Development Programme. This will also provide ample opportunities for young entrepreneurs to invest in these sectors. Such clusters have been approved in Tahliwal, Parwanoo, Jitpur Baheri, Khadin and Gondpur, which will provide new opportunities for the local youth the hone their entrepreneurship skill.

With all these initiatives of the State Government, Himachal Pradesh will be soon humming with investment activities by the young entrepreneurs.

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