Women open front against liquor contract in Dublu

Last few months ago, women of various village organizations and self-help groups opened a front against the local panchayat in protest against the open liquor contracts in Dublu of Balog Panchayat. About which a protest demonstration was held outside the liquor contract under the leadership of Geeta Thakur, head of the Keonthal cluster-level organization. Pavita and Poonam, members of Dublu ward number one and ward number two of Balog Panchayat told that no consent was taken from them regarding the opening of liquor vend in Dublu. They allege that in the Gram Sabha meeting, several women, including ICRP Sunita Sharma, objected to not opening liquor vends in Dublu, yet the Gram Panchayat has issued NOCs in Dublu without taking the consent of the local ward members.
They allege that the Excise Department has opened a new liquor contract at Dublu’s bus stand, which is spoiling the environment of the area. Mamta Kashyap of Dublu told that after the opening of liquor vends, some local people openly drink alcohol and lie on the streets, due to which a situation of fear has arisen especially among women and children. They say that there is a grocery shop, bus stand, satsang building, and water glasses near the contract, where women and children keep coming and going.
CLF chief Geeta Devi told that the women’s delegation of the area had met DC and SDM Shimla and Commissioner Excise and Taxation Department about shifting the contract, but when the hearing was not held at any level, the women were forced to protest. To suppress this, the women were intimidated and threatened by calling the police by the contractor. The office bearers of the village organization and the women of Dumblu village have demanded the government to immediately shift the liquor contract out of Dublu.
Omprakash Sharma, head of Balog Panchayat said that NOC has been given to open liquor vends for the purpose of increasing the income of the Panchayat. For which the consent of the people has been taken in the Gram Sabha meeting.
State President of Kisan Sabha Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar has strongly condemned the opening of liquor vends in Dublu. They have demanded to shift this contract immediately on the demand of women.
Here, Excise and Taxation Inspector Karan Thakur told that on the demand of Panchayat and getting NOC, the contract has been opened in Dublu so that the liquor mafia can be curbed. Told that the contract of liquor can be shifted to any other place only on the recommendation of the local Gram Panchayat.

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