Vikramaditya Singh constantly takes U-turns with his statements: Dharmani

BJP spokesperson Mahendra Dharmani said that huge infighting and lack of coordination is clearly visible within the Sukhu government and organization of Himachal Pradesh, due to which the people of Himachal Pradesh are suffering.

Dharmani said that Vikramaditya Singh, the youth minister of the Congress government, is constantly taking U-turns with his statements, first he wraps up the government on big issues, and then when the youth leader of Congress is under pressure, he is forced to take a U-turn from his statements.

The youth minister of the government agreed that there is a lack of coordination between the government and the officers, which is clear and the Agriculture Minister of Himachal Pradesh has also given a statement regarding this that the government cannot run without coordination.

He said that recently Congress President Pratibha Singh met the central leadership and there she clearly said that there is no coordination between the government and the organization. In the difficult times of the entire disaster, the Chief Minister did not even take the Congress President with him. Pratibha said that 7 months have passed and this government has taken a loan of 7000 crores, due to which the financial condition of the state has deteriorated.

The Congress President accepted that injustice has been done to Kangra and Bilaspur in the cabinet.

He said that in the case of apple also, earlier the ministers used to say one thing, the MLAs used to say something else and the Chief Minister used to say something else. Due to this Himachal’s horticulture also had to face trouble.

Dharmani said that who is bearing the brunt of this lack of coordination?

The people of Himachal are definitely suffering due to lack of coordination. Any kind of decisions are not clearly coming in front of the public and the facilities which the public should get from the government are not being provided.

Today the Congress party is unable to live up to any of its guarantees. Today the people of Himachal Pradesh are waiting for the fulfillment of those promises by which the Congress party came to power. Where have those promises gone, today this is the talk of every house at every place.

The Bharatiya Janata Party believes that the way the Congress youth minister and the state president of the Congress have put the government in the dock is right and it is the responsibility of the government to answer the allegations made by the Congress leaders to the public.

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