Throwing of ink on Adani cement plant manager, Himachal Police takes action: CM

BJP member Trilok Jamwal raised the issue of throwing of ink on Adani Cement Plant manager recently stating that law and order situation is not within the control as action was not taken immediately on the responsible persons. Replying to this supplementary query in the question hour on Tuesday Chief Minister said that action had been taken immediately after the call from the Manger who was provided Private Security Officer immediately. The Chief Minister commented that BJP MLA seems to have close relations with the Adani but he could not mislead the house by stating that police did not respond over the issue and law and order is not in control. He said that Police have seized the entire case property immediately as they have confiscated Vehicle, a fake pistol, Ink, rods immediately. He said that FIR has been registered immediately and the situation is under control. BJP members also tried to raise another issue of police raids on the house of Gram Panchayat Pradhan and being harassed by the police; however, the speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania did not allow the member to raise this issue asking the member that chief minister has already given clear cut assurance on the issue he had raised however if he wanted to raised another issue regarding any other incidents he should to come up in the house with separate notice on the issue. He said that member could exercise any rule including rule 62 as well.  Former Deputy Speaker and BJP member Hans Raj also demanded that the chair must allow  the member to have a reply on the issue as matter is related to law and order. He said that the issue is related to law and order and members should be given a reply. He stated that a similar incident of violence also occurred in Manikaran recently for which members should have been seeking attention of the house. He said that the situation has worsened due to the Amrit Pal incident in Punjab and members’ concern is valid. However, Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania did not allow the members to insist on the issue since he is already given his ruling on the issue. Speaker stood on the dais urging the members of opposition and treasury benches to maintain the silence and allow him to conduct the question hours. Pandemonium remain continue for some time. Chief Minister allowed by the chair to reply on the issue. Mr. Sukhu said that member is trying to create sensation in the house as he had already explained that the government had already taken notice of all incidents as per the law and order and the question did not arise to answer each issue separately. Later the member participated in the question hours.    

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