Three new Science labs to be set up at Central Research Institute Kasauli: Kashyap

 BJP former state president and MP Suresh Kashyap said that three science labs would be set up at Central Research Institute Kasauli to conduct further research and development on the invention of life-saving drugs.

CRI is famous all over the world and for this, the history of the institute and the efforts of the scientists are not appreciated enough.

 He said that we should especially support the work done by the institute during the covid period, and how this institute played an important role in the vaccination campaign by making two vaccines.

 He said that since its inception in the year 1950, the Central Research Institute has been showing innovation in the production of vaccines for the treatment of diseases. 

In a statement issued here today he said that in the coming days, modern technology drone technology will be used in Kasauli, the only central research institute of the country.

 He said that the union Government gives special emphasis on the development of modern technology and drone technology to be employed to distribute life-saving drugs from CRIB. He said that AIIMS Rishikesh also uses services drones to supply drugs to hospitals.

 He said that this institute had also played an advanced role in making rabies vaccine, which had greatly benefited society.

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