The killers of the priest of Bhuteshwar temple are still out of reach of the police

Even after two weeks have passed, the killers of the priest of Bhuteshwar temple Kavati are still out of reach of the police. Although police station Dhali is making vigorous efforts to solve the mystery of this murder. But the clue of the killer of the priest has not been found yet.
Let us tell you that there is a very ancient temple of Bhuteshwar deity in Kavanti in Peeran panchayat, which is the center of faith of the people of the seven panchayats of Peeran, Satlai, Dharech, Chiyog, Tayali, Shilabagh and Satog. However, the original place of Bhuteshwar Mahadev is believed to be in the whirlpool of water of Nalatdi Khadad flowing along with Kavati where every person is prohibited from going. For the convenience of the people, the temple of Bhuteshwar has been built by the committee for many years, Sunil Das working as a priest since the year 2021, is said to be originally from Maharashtra. Earlier, three priests Kamal, Sohanlal, and Ramdas lived in this temple.
According to the temple committee, Sunil Das went missing under suspicious circumstances on the evening of August 8. When contacted on mobile, the priest’s mobile was found switched off. According to followers, the dead body of the priest was found in a pitiable condition in the bushes just 15 meters away from the hut on the evening of 11th August. Many marks were found on his body. On informing the police, the Dhalli police took the body of the priest into custody and got its post-mortem done. During this, the forensic science team also collected evidence from the spot. On checking the hut, a cash amount of Rs.202040 was found in the priest’s box.
Temple committee head Khajan Singh and secretary Harichand Sharma have demanded from the government that the investigation in this murder case should be expedited and innocent people should not be harassed. The committee says that priest Sunil Das played an important role in the development of the temple by lifting the road and water up to the temple.
Additional Superintendent of Police Shimla Sunil Negi said that police is probing the murder from all angles and the killers will soon be behind bars.

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