Sudden opening of storage tank gate wall – A major accident averted in the Mashobra block

The sudden opening of the gate wall of a storage tank with a capacity of about 1.5 lakh liters in Tri village of Mashobra block on Sunday morning created a stir in the entire village and by the grace of God a major accident was averted. In the rainy season, the tank was full of water. Tell that about six months ago, an irrigation tank was constructed by the Jal Shakti Department in Trai village, in which two pipes of four inches each have been installed to drain the water, but due to the negligence of the department and the contractor, the water of this irrigation tank was stopped. There was no gate wall to do. Rather the drainage was closed by wrapping the gunny bag. People controlled the water by putting the lids of the gunny bags again with great effort.
Please tell me that just below this tank live four families. The heads of the family, Dharamsingh and Roshan Lal told that at around 9 am on Sunday, when they were doing some work at home, suddenly there was a huge explosion. Came out and saw that the water flowing in huge quantities from the tank had taken the form of a flood. Hearing the sound of this explosion, the people of the village also gathered and instead of going to the house, they diverted the flow of water to the other side. Dharam Singh says that if the accident had happened at night, four families would have been rendered homeless. Told that the department has not selected a suitable place to build such a big tank. He also requested the department and the contractor to get the tank constructed at some other place. They say that if both the four-inch gate walls were opened, there would have been a catastrophe. Due to the negligence of the department, till now the roof and facing around the tank have not been installed. Perhaps the department is waiting for an accident. Dharam Singh told that he has also complained about this negligence of the department at 1100.
Local people say that some person has deliberately removed the lid of the sack by doing mischief, about which the department should think seriously.
JE Sunil Bikhta of the Jal Shakti Department said that apart from installing a gated wall in the tank, orders have been given to make a roof and fencing so that such accidents do not recur.

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