Students express anguish on Afghanistan unsettling

AS  Taliban captures Kabul threatening the world peace and the world looks toward United Nations to use its diplomacy to restore order, protecting lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Afghanistan; over 400 delegates under the aegis of Sanawar Model United Nations (SNAMUN’21) met today to share their concern and explore various possible solutions to end the impasse.  

A three day online seminal extravaganza organised by the Lawrence School Sanawar, began today in which 38 schools are participating including four from abroad. This year marks the 4th edition of SNAMUN which has become one of the most sought-after events among the top schools of the country as it provides a platform for young students to research, debate and deliberate on global issues of immense importance.  

The theme of the SNAMUN 2021 conference is: “Non progredi est regredi” meaning “Not moving forward is to move backward” and over next three days the delegates spread out in ten various committees will be speaking their mind on the carefully drafted agenda.  For instance, while the committee on United Nation General Assembly will deliberate on the agenda titled “Future course of Disarmament with special emphasis on Biological Warfare”, the committee on United Nations Security Council with engage in discussion on the agenda titled “Maintaining peace and security in the region in the aftermath of Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan”.  The event was inaugurated by the Lt. General Kamal Davar (Retd.) who said that there is no alternative to global organization such as United Nations and the significance of such organization has become even more pronounced in current times as the world has become one global village. No nation is an island any longer and the impact of global events are bound to impact us. He pointed out to the nefarious diplomatic designs of some countries that are hurting the global peace and harmony.

The key note speech was delivered by the  Samarth Pathak, the Communication and Advocacy Officer for South Asia with United Nations Office for Drug and Crime (UNODC), said that the world is indeed in crises and mere engaging in discussion of problems are not enough. He encouraged the conference delegates to discuss very solutions as well and produce an actionable agenda. Pinning his hopes on the future generation, he said UNODC is happy to associate with SNAMUN 2021 and commended the organizers for framing pertinent agenda for discussion. The headmaster of the school,  Himmat Singh Dhillon, proposed the vote of thanks. Elated at the successful inauguration of this very well received event, he thanked  Ashley Solomon, HOF(Humanities) and  Mona Gautam (MUN In-charge) for their commendable effort.

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