Shimla Municipal Corporation issue notices for the over charging of parking fee 

 Commissioner of Shimla Municipal Corporation issued notices to the concerned officers to take cognizance on over charging of marking fee at Parking Complex near Lift Shimla on PPP mode. In a letter addressed to Parmod Kumar Sood (Director), Shimla Tolls & Projects Pvt. Ltd. , Keonthal Complex , Khalini , Shimla – 02 Commissioner of Shimla MC said that parking Complex near Lift Shimla is over  charging the parking fee  as  a newspaper as reported on March 26, 2023 that a vehicle was charged a parking fee of Rs. 200 per vehicle for a time interval of 57 minutes only which is disproportionately high and totally unreasonable. SMC already communicated to the concerned officers on July 24, 2017 the maximum parking fee including GST for a vehicle for a parking interval of 2 hours is only Rs . 35/- whereas the vehicle was charged Rs. 200/- for just 57 minutes.  ” This has not only tarnished the image of MC Shimla but has also given a wrong message to the tourists who visit the capital with great enthusiasm and spirit. Our state economy is highly dependent on tourism and such practices affect the interest of the state adversely. ”The Commissioner said, directing in this notice to refund the extra amount to the concerned person immediately and also explain as to why such an illegal act was done by you  or your manager. SMC also  directed the parking operator to display the rate list on the conspicuous place at the main entry gate of the top floor. The warning also issued to the parking operators that if such illegal practices are not stopped immediately stringent action should be taken against it. The matter is mentioned urgent and information has also been sent to SHO Sador to take the cognizance of the matter further.

Sanjay Chauhan for Shimla Mayor said that this action taken by Municipal Corporation Shimla Administration regarding recovery of illegal parking fees is absolutely appropriate and a good message will go through it. These parking lots were constructed in our time and we dedicated to the public in March 2017.  Keeping in view the convenience of the residents and tourists, the parking fees were kept absolutely justified.  Only 20 rupees were kept for two hours. In our time, strict steps were taken for excess recovery and action was taken by filing a case against the contractor who arbitrarily collected more parking fees.  In the year 2015, the contractor was sent to jail for 28 days for over-recovery.  But after the year 2017 no action is taken on the excess recovery. Municipal Corporation Shimla and the government should take strict steps to stop this type of illegal recovery and take strict legal action against the culprits so that the people and tourists of Shimla city get better facilities and it can be saved from being defamed.

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