Samyukt Kisan Manch accuses Adani Agri Fresh of exploiting Apple growers

Samyukt Kisan Manch accused Adani Agrifresh Limited of allegedly exploiting apple growers by offering a very low rate of apple crops compared to the Apple price being given to Growers in the wholesale Market.

In a joint press statement issued here today President of SKM Sanjay Chauhan and Convenor Harish Chauhan demanded the government to intervene immediately by ordering Adani Agrifresh company to fix the price of apple purchase on the price being provided to farmers in the mandis.  

“If Adani does not increase the purchase price of apples immediately, they  would organize the Growers to begin a protest against Adani’s arbitrariness and exploitation.” A press release issued today said.

 This year, Adani Agrifresh has given premium grade apples (80-100% color) at Rs 95-60 per kg, supreme grade apples (60-80% color) at Rs 75-40 per kg, and minimum at Rs 20 per kg.  Kilo is fixed.  While the growers are getting Rs.150-160 per kg for premium grade apples and Rs.75-95 for supreme grade apples and Rs.35-50 per kg for light grade apples in all mandis today. 

SKM said the company is charging profits on the sale of apples at the rate of Rs.250 to Rs.400 per kg in the retail store.  

Both Chauhan accused Adani Agri Fresh of being habitual offenders of marketing rules as they claimed that low prices are being flouted during the season to affect the prevailing prices in the wholesale Market.

SKM said that there was too much difference between the present prices of apples before the announcement of the rate by Adani as its counterpart Railance Agriculture was offering Rs 125 to Rs 130 per kg price to growers.

  Samyukta Kisan Manch is already demanding that despite receiving huge subsidies of crores of rupees by Adani and other companies in the state, the Horticulture Secretary investigate the arbitrariness in the purchase of apples from orchards. 

 A committee should be constituted.  Experts from the field of horticulture, economics, and agriculture should also be included along with the representatives of the horticulturists. 

This committee should review the agreement made with Adani and other companies and fix the terms of their business in a new way so that the interests of the planters are protected.

    They urged the government to immediately intervene in the exploitation regime by Adani and other companies but it failed An agitation was launched to stop exploitation against Adani and another firm.

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