Requirement of Private Land for Installation of Solar Power Project in the State of Himachal Pradesh

The State of Himachal Pradesh is projected as a Power State in the Country and under the visionary leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the State Government is resolute to promote, develop and harness optimally, the huge energy potential of the State. Aiming at preserving the environment of the State, the Government intends to make Himachal Pradesh as first green energy state by harnessing hydro, hydrogen and solar energy and switching on to green products which will enhance the premium and advantage in export. The State Government is stressing upon refurbishing of the present system and the focus is on harnessing green energy in the best interest of the State.

In view of above vision of the State Government, HPPCL intends to implement a 200MW Solar Power project. HPPCL has already indentified the Government land for execution of the Solar Power Projects. However, for identification of the private land,, HPPCL has floated the tenders on 16.03.2023 for  “Outright Purchase/’Lease for 28 Years’ of up to 400 Hectare of Land with all requisite statutory clearances of purchased/leased land for setting up Solar Power Project(s) in the State of Himachal Pradesh, inclusive of chain link fencing around the periphery of the Land” the Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) of which is available on HPPCL website:- and on Tender Free View of The detailed tender can be downloaded after registration and payment of prescribed cost on The last date of the Bid Submission is 01.04.2023. The area of the land offered for purchase or lease for 28 Years’ in the state of Himachal Pradesh shall not be less than 15 Hectare as a single connected Parcel and the minimum width of the offered land at any place within the patch shall be 30 m and must have a front of minimum 30 m width with atleast Jeepable Road.

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