Rainstorm renders loss of property and livestock in Himachal

A premonsoon rainstorm renders the loss of property in Himachal Pradesh in the past 24 hrs as everyday life disrupts.

Reports arriving here today said that number of incidents were recorded before the onset of monsoon as two sustained injuries, a house was damaged, and an avalanche killed around 290 livestock in Chamba today.

A bus mishap occurred at Chaukiya in the Chopal area of Shimla district at around 0800 hrs this morning. The bus had two occupants, the driver, and the conductor who sustained injuries. They were taken to Chopal Hospital for treatment. Due to heavy rainfall, a house was damaged in the Krishnanagar area of the capital town.

Four vehicles were partially damaged due to the rainfall. The incident occurred at around 0400 hrs resulting in an estimated loss of Rs. eight lacks. Fortunately, no human casualties were reported.

The third incident took place in the Kugti pass (jot) area of Bharmour in the Chamba district when an avalanche struck. 

A group of approximately 2,300 sheep and goats crossed the treacherous mountain pass when disaster struck, resulting in substantial losses. The avalanche occurred on June 23rd at 1250 hrs, catching the herd by surprise. It claimed the lives of 290 sheep and goats, while 50 others were left wounded and in need of immediate veterinary care. 

The bodies of around 40-50 animals have been recovered so far, with efforts ongoing to locate any remaining casualties. The owner of the livestock has been identified as Lola Ram (son of Punnu Ram) from Village Guwad Sinyur, Gula Ram (son of Prahlad), Suresh Kumar (son of Jali Ram) from Village Agasan, Ramesh Kumar (son of Jali Ram) from Village Agasan, Ranjeet Singh (son of Machla Ram) from Village Brahmkhedu in Tehsil Palampur, Jagta Ram (son of Byaju) from Village Brahmkhedu, Dilo Ram (son of Punnu Ram) from Village Guwad, Siklu Ram (son of Punnu) from Village Guwad, and Munshi Ram (son of Sorma) from Village Gosan in Tehsil Bharmour.

The authorities are still awaiting further details from the field to comprehensively understand the incident. At this time, no human casualties have been reported, and there are no stranded or missing persons as a result of the avalanche.

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