Rahul Gandhi did not mention any achievement of Congress just focused on personal attacks: Suresh Bhardwaj 

Former Bharatiya Janata Party Minister Suresh Bhardwaj, while addressing the press in Shimla, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi held rallies in Nahan and Mandi yesterday in which more than 1 lakh people participated. The huge attendance at Prime Minister Modi’s rallies showed that his popularity can never diminish. Today Rahul Gandhi, imitating Prime Minister Modi, chose Nahan for the rally but a ground much smaller than Chaugan Maidan was chosen so that the crowd could be seen more. Despite this, Rahul Gandhi did not mention any of the Congress government’s achievements in the speech, which shows the importance of his leadership. They just focus on personal attacks and statements.

Suresh Bhardwaj said that in his address, Rahul Gandhi also abused the media, the fourth pillar of democracy, from the stage and even called the media for sale, which is highly condemnable. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had forcibly imposed emergency on the people of the country to save her government and had hurt the dignity of democracy and the Constitution and today her grandson is abusing the Constitution and the media. This makes it clear that this is an old habit of the Gandhi family of Congress. Bharatiya Janata Party condemns this act of Congress. The reactions to Rahul Gandhi’s rally clearly show that people will never bring Congress to power and will give victory to all BJP candidates from Himachal.

He said that Congress party leaders are repeatedly harping on import duty, but they do not know that the agreement for this import duty was signed by Kangra Lok Sabha candidate and minister of the then Congress government, Anand Sharma. This question should be asked by Bagwan and the people of the state and the leaders of Congress’s Indi alliance to Congress candidate Anand Sharma and by telling the details of the development work done by the Central Government to the public, our government leaders and party workers should vote in the name of development. People are demanding and seeing the development works done by the Central Government in Himachal, their faith in Prime Minister Modi has become stronger and people are going to vote in the name of development and Modi.

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