Racket involved in cybercrime of writing and circulating fake news busted: SP, Sanjay Gandhi

A racket of trio involved in the cybercrime of drafting a fake letter and circulating in the Social media busted by a team of district cyber cell Shimla, Superintendent of Police Sanjay Gandhi informed here today.

It is worthwhile to mention that a letter allegedly addressed to CBI Director Parveen Sood went viral on Social media on August 15 accusing the CMD of Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Mr Harikesh Meena for allegedly being involved in corruption in convincing contractor Patel Engineers and fundraising for Congress party.

FIR was filed by Harikesh Meena against an unknown person in the matter stating that a fake and unknown person that malicious letter and circulated in different channels to damage his image through social media. 

After week week-long Investigation done by DSP Vijay Singh and a team of district cyber security found that an alleged letter was written against the CMD and IAS officer Mr Meena by one Manoj Sharma belonged to Chamba district. Two other persons who were involved in the Crime were arrested. 

SP said that Social media was used by three persons to spread a fake letter written by Sharma and spread to 40 people each. Je said that police traced the location of two people at Bharmour in Chamba district during the Investigation and one was arrested at Bharmour and the other at Tissa. 

He said that the cyber security unit was continuing the probe and interrogating the third accused. Mr. Gandhi said that the author of the letters had faked his identity by writing his name as Anmol Singh Thakur impersonating him as assistant Manager of HPPCL. 

SP said that Investigation may help to find out if they are involved in faking and circulating another similar viral letter. It is worthwhile to mention that state cyber security staff did not reveal anything against the persons who are accused by the alleged letter and stated that the trio is involved in defaming the IAS and the government.

We would look out if any other person belonging to the opposition party is also involved in the crime, Mr Gandhi added.

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