President of India Daropdi Murmu gives nod to union govt legislation granting tribal status to Hatti community of Himachal

President of India Daropdi Murmu on Friday gave assent to the amendment in the Constitution STs order Act 2023 to provide the scheduled tribe status to ‘Hatti’ community of the Transgiri area of Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh on Friday. The Presidential order was published in the  Gazette of India, on August 4, 2023, Friday said ratifying the amendment passed by the Parliament of India during the budget session this year.

Presidential order published in the gazetteer said that the list of Scheduled Tribes is in relation to the State of Himachal Pradesh to include Hatti community of the Transgiri area of Sirmaur district as the said community is included in entry 11 of the Indian Constitution now.

The Hatti community of the state was seeking tribal status for the last fifty years as the same tribe living in the Transgiri and Zonsar Babar areas of Uttrakhand has been included in the scheduled tribe list since the 1960s.

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