Peaches of Rajgarh’s have started reaching the country’s mandis – Fruit production reduced due to hailstorms and strong winds

Peaches of the Rajgarh area have started knocking in the mandis of the state and the country. However, this year due to hailstorms and strong winds, fruit plants have suffered a lot. Despite this, peach, khumani, and palm boxes from Peach Valley Rajgarh are reaching different mandis of the country every day. According to progressive gardener Sherjung Chauhan, a 12 kg box of peaches is being sold at an average of Rs.500 in Solan and other fruit markets. Whose gardener is likely to get a good profit? According to the sources of the department, horticulture has suffered a lot in Rajgarh, Sangrah, and Pachhad blocks.
Let us tell you that the peaches of Rajgarh are considered very famous for their excellent quality, taste, and size, due to which Rajgarh has a distinct identity in the country by the name of Peach Valley. According to departmental sources, Peach Valley Rajgarh produces an average of six thousand metric tonnes of peaches every year. This information has been given by Dr. Devendra Atri, subject matter expert of the Horticulture Department, Rajgarh. They say that peach orchards are planted on about three thousand hectares of land in the Rajgarh area, in which the July Alverta variety of peaches is produced the most. Rajgarh Valley produces about 15,000 metric tons of fruits every year, of which 6,000 metric tons of peaches, 3,580 metric tons of plums, 4,000 metric tons of apples, and 1,200 metric tons of apricots are produced.
Sherjung Chauhan says that this year the peaches were tainted due to hailstorms, which caused a lot of loss to the gardeners. Told that till now the early variety of peach has reached the market and apart from the July Elverta variety, the season of Plum Khumani has also started. He said that due to untimely rains and hailstorms last year, the peach crop was affected by Tafrina disease, due to which the peach crop was destroyed. Tell that now the trend of the gardeners of Rajgarh is moving towards the production of low altitude apples.

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