Nitin Gadkari to visit flashflood affected Kullu-Manali in August : Jai Ram Thakur

The State Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur informed here today that the union government is concerned for rain and flashflood affected people of the state and Union Minister of Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari likely to visit the most affected Kullu-Manali on August 1.

Addressing media person here today Mr Thakur stated that the opposition and Union government are accused by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu and the Congress party for not assisting in restoration and relief operations.

He said that Congress leaders should restrain from making such allegations and try to use natural calamities for narrow Political escape by accusing the opposition.

BJP workers and party leaders were among their concerned affected areas on the ground zero and all party MLAs and MPs are involved in rescue operations among their constituents.

He said that soon after the natural disasters he called Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the party president for helping the state and Rs 383 Crore was immediately released.

Mr. Thakur stated that Indian Airforce also deployed helicopters for the rescue operation to evacuate People stranded in Chandertal and Kullu-Manali but Congress leaders were busy taking selfies in the helicopter rather than promptly evacuating stranded people.

He said that currently, Congress leaders are trying to use the moment of crisis for publicity stunts with Chief Minister pictures being released on the day to day basis donating small amounts of money for flood affected.

He showed concern over the loss of many lives in the state during monsoon and accused the state government of not making time necessary arrangements.

 He said that in Himachal Pradesh government use to make early preparations before Winter, summer, and rainy seasons however no such meeting took place which showed that the government was unprepared for heavy rain.

 It is the role of the opposition to bring the shortcomings to the notice of the government, but it is unfortunate to hold the opposition responsible for politics.

 The government should introspect before blaming the opposition, the mistakes will come out on their own

He said that the NDRF rescue operation saved many lives and an inter-ministerial team already visited the flashflood and landslide-affected area likely to immediately submit its report to the Centre.

Mr Thakur stated that despite the blame game by the Congress party in hours of crisis Modi Government would expect to announce a big relief package to Himachal Pradesh soon

Showing concern over restoration work opposition leader said that he wants that the work of providing immediate relief should not be allowed to go in a haphazard manner.

Mr. Jai Ram Thakur said that Union Minister Nitin Gadkari already announced to bear the entire expenses for maintaining rain-affected and washed away National Highways and major roads and bridges in the state.

 The party had requested him to come to Himachal for taking stock of natural disasters he agreed immediately. Now Nitin Gadkari will come to Kullu -Manali on August 1.

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