Loss of jobs of the outsourced employees unfortunate: Kashyap

BJP State President and MP Suresh Kashyap said that the manner in which the present Congress government is carrying out the work of firing outsourced employees across the state, it is unfortunate.

He said that this government used to talk about giving jobs in its election promises, but ever since it came to power, it is only talking about snatching jobs.

More than 35000 outsourced employees are working in Himachal Pradesh and continuously the government of Himachal Pradesh is working to remove these employees. Even the agreement with the outsourced company has not yet been signed by this government, due to which hundreds of outsourced employees are losing their jobs due to the termination of the agreement.

He said that the Congress seems to be turning away from its election guarantees, the Congress party had said that we will give jobs to 5 lakh youths as soon as they come to power in Himachal Pradesh, but here the jobs of youths are being lost continuously.

He said that it is to be seen that Congress is trying to mislead the public by presenting only the illusion of figures.

The Bharatiya Janata Party refutes the policies of the Congress party and while condemning it says that the Congress party should do true solid politics and not the politics of cheating the public.

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