Libraries must adopt new technologies to increase its reach, Satyanad Stokes and Dr Ranganathan remembered

The Satyanand Stokes Library of Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni celebrated Librarian Day and the birth Anniversary of Satyanand Stokes at the university campus today. University Librarian Dr. KK Raina informed that Librarians’ Day is celebrated on August 12 in memory of Dr. S Ranganathan, who is regarded as the father of Library Sciences in India. The university decided to celebrate it together with the birth anniversary of Satyanand Stokes on August 16 in order to honour the two luminaries. The university library has been named after Satyanand Stokes, the social reformer, freedom fighter and visionary who is credited with the growth of apple cultivation in Himachal.

Speaking at the event, University Vice-Chancellor Prof Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, paid tributes to Dr. Ranganathan for his role in the upliftment of library sciences in India and for devising several protocols for libraries that are followed and relevant even today. He also remembered Satyanand Stokes, an American by birth who embraced Hinduism along with the people and the culture of the mountains and worked for their development by introducing apple varieties which have led to the economic prosperity of the people in the hills. Prof. Chandel added that the library is integral to the growth of any academic institution but with rapidly changing technology it has become important that libraries evolve with the times. He said digital technologies have made everything available to anyone at one click. This a challenge for the Libraries and it needs to act in order to attract readers by recognizing their changing needs. He also asked the library to dedicate a corner to the literature written and associated with Stokes.

Dr. AS Chandel, founder librarian of the university spoke about the concept of green and digital library and how this could be furthered in the university. He also narrated some incidents from Dr. S Ranganathan’s life and how he put the Indian Library system on the world map. Dr. MS Pathania suggested the university could look to establish a National Information Center on Apple as a tribute to Satyanand Stokes. Sushma Sharma, Assistant Librarian gave a detailed view of the Life of Dr Ranganathan and Satyanand Stokes.

Parul Nandal presented the vote of thanks. All the statutory officers, heads of department, former librarian Dr YR Shukla, and former Assistant Librarian Dr Sudhir Gupta were also present on the occasion.  The event was sponsored by NAHEP IDP.

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