Law and order under Congress rule depends on Ram: Bindal

Rajeev Bindal, State President Bharatiya Janata Party said that the law and order situation of Himachal Pradesh has now become dependent on Ram. The brutal massacre that took place in Chamba in which a Dalit youth was brutally murdered, cut into pieces, and thrown into the drain brought shame to Himachal in the entire state and the entire country. Such an incident has never happened before nor will it ever happen again, God forbid. Despite that, the present state government of Congress has not learned any lesson. Thousands of protests took place but the government was not alert.

BJP said that after Chamba, Solan district came under target where bullies came to rule in Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh. Carrying guns in broad daylight and firing them while waving them in the air became a common practice. The matter did not stop here, by committing the brutal murder of two brothers in broad daylight, the culprits became nine-two-eleven. In Baddi Barotiwala, the scrap mafia and mining mafia dominated the entire government. The law and order situation is being flouted and the villagers in Sirmaur district are threatened with death by pointing revolvers at their temples and the mining mafia is openly vocal. Not only this, the police are beaten openly, uniforms are torn and forest department officials are publicly chased, but the influential Congress leaders sitting in the government give protection to the criminals.

In District Una, the crime graph in District Kangra increases at a fast pace.

Dr. Bindal said that yesterday’s incident in Bhoranj of Hamirpur district is heart-wrenching in which the hair of an ordinary village woman is cut, her face is blackened and she is taken around the village and the police does not register the case for 15 days. Does. It is thanks to the media that this issue comes to the public’s attention, otherwise every effort was made to suppress it.

BJP said that Congress, which gave big speeches on the incident in Manipur, is silent today on the atrocities in Hamirpur. Honorable Chief Minister’s district has witnessed such a horrific incident.

Dr. Bindal said that the law and order situation has deteriorated during the 9 months of Congress government. Bullying is flourishing under government protection. The people of the state are suffering due to the mutual tussle between Congress leaders. Bharatiya Janata Party strongly condemns all the above incidents and especially the atrocities against women in Hamirpur district.

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