Kuldeep Rathore condemns Modi Government for lowering import duty on Apple

All India Congress Committee Spokesperson Kuldeep Singh Rathore MLA  and Former PCC President cndemned the decision of PM Modi to reduce import duty on American apples from 70 % to 50 % thereby causing harm to Apple Industry of Himachal Pradesh which is already under severe  crisis due to increase in the production cost due to hike in pesticides, fungicides, labour and other packing materials caused by inflation during BJP regime . 

“Narender Modi has also failed to keep his promise of increasing import duty upto 100 % in order to safe gaurd the interests of Himachali as promised during Election campaign in Himachal Pradesh in previous  Lok Sabha Elections. ” Mr Rathore who is Congress MLA from Theog said.

   Kuldeep Rathore demanded that the government of India should immediately withdraw the decision and revert it back so as to save the apple industry of Himachal Pradesh which supports the economy of  the State as a major player.

It is well known fact that the economy of the State is in total shambles presently due to lack lustre performance by previous BJP government, he added.

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