Jairam Thakur has suffered from Congress phobia: Colonel Dhani Ram

Health Minister Colonel Dhani Ram Shandil has said that Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur is suffering from Congress phobia. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu and Congress leaders are visible to him even in his sleep. There is no factionalism in the Congress Party, the entire Congress stands like a rock with the Chief Minister. The Congress government has fulfilled 5 out of 10 guarantees in its 15-month tenure, why can’t the Leader of the Opposition see them? The job of the opposition is not just to oppose, the opposition party should also appreciate the good works.

Shandil said that the memory of the Leader of the Opposition is also weak. How did he forget that his government had used batons and water cannons on the employees when they asked for OPS? Jai Ram Thakur had said in the Assembly that if the employees want old pension then they should resign from the job and contest the elections. How is the Leader of the Opposition saying that he did not oppose OPS? If Jairam is the well-wisher of the employees then help him in getting back Rs 9000 crore of NPS contribution from the Central Government. The Leader of the Opposition should not shed crocodile tears, the public knows who tried to topple the government elected through votes based on currency notes.

The Health Minister said that Jairam Thakur’s mathematics is weak. In the 68-MLA assembly, the Congress had 40 MLAs and the support of three independents. Even then the government had absolute majority, now with 62 MLAs in the Assembly, Congress has 34 MLAs, and the government has a clear majority. Then how is Jairam saying that the government has no right to remain in power? The opposition party BJP should apologize to the public that it won a Rajya Sabha seat by horse-trading. The mask of BJP’s face has been lifted in front of the public.

Shandil said that Indira Gandhi Pyari Behna Sukh Samman Nidhi Yojana was announced after the budget, it was given cabinet approval and a budget provision of Rs 800 crore was also made. Notification of the scheme has been issued. In Lahaul and Spiti, the first installment has already been credited to the accounts of women. When the scheme was going on even before the implementation of the Election Code of Conduct, then why are the BJP and the opposition leader trying to stop it. Jayaram tells the woman why he does not want the plan to continue. Jairam Thakur did not do anything during his tenure, now the Congress government has brought many public welfare schemes in the budget like Sukhashray Yojana, 680 crore START scheme for youth, MSP on milk, a one-time increase of Rs 60 in the daily wage of MNREGA workers, etc. BJP is seeing its political ground slipping.

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