INDIA alliance presses Modi Govt to reduce price of LPG after nine years 

A council of Minister of Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu Government made a scathing attack on the central government stating that it has pressed the people to wall during nine years of rule whereas in the last three months of formation of the INDIA alliance Modi government was forced to cut down the skyrocketing prices of LPG by Rs 200.

Addressing media persons here today firebrand Congress leader and Revenue and Horticulture Minister Mr Jagat Singh Negi said that three months of the formation of the India alliance have forced the Modi government to cut down the prices of LPG after nine years. He said that the INDIA alliance was in need of the hours and the Modi government was fear of it as it was now in a hurry to dissolve the Lok Sabha and hold early elections in the country.

Mr Negi who is a member of the assembly from Kinnuar the bordering district of Himachal on the India- China border said that the INDIA alliance has perturbed the Modi government which shows how effective it is need of the hour and it would succeed in freeing the nation from sectarian forces. Terming the BJP divisive force Mr. Negi said that by time and again pressing on the so-called agenda of ” One Nation one Election ”  ” I did not understand why one nation agenda was being projected when this country is in fact one nation. He said that to divert the attention of people from the basic and real issues and the failure of the Modi government to address issues like unemployment, Inflation, development, and law and order such a divisive agenda was being projected before the upcoming Lok Sabha election likely to be held next years. 

Congress leader said that this nation was united since 1947 as the Britishers left 600 principal estates to join India and Pakistan but it was the leadership of Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru and Deputy prime minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel who brought a large number of princely estates under one India.

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