Video of police allowing the BJP leader to meet the victim’s family member has gone viral

A week after BJP’s protest in Chamba district about the murder of a Dalit youth brutally ( by an alleged man belonging to a minority) a Video made rounds on Social media in which police allowed the BJP leader to meet the Victim’s family member.

BJP leader held a protest on June 15 on a road near Saloni alleging that they were not allowed to meet the victim’s family. The police were asking BJP leaders to meet the victim’s family but BJP chief Rajiv Bindal was urging that the opposition leader was not allowed to meet.

The day before the protest BJP youth activists set the house of the accused on fire, police did not allow the BJP leader to go to the house of the victims but now Video indicated that the police didn’t stop the BJP leader to meet the victims family. Mr. Bindal said that they have a former MLA and senior responsible leader with them who would accompany them. The Superintendent of police was heard stating that they could go but BJP leaders want to go to the house of victims along with a large number of people which the police didn’t allow and a letter imposed section 144 of CrPC.
Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that BJP is playing petty politics on the murder case moreover the suspect was arrested by the police. 
Former chief minister Jai Ram Thakur blamed the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s government for not permitting the leader of the opposition to meet the victim’s family however no viral Video indicates something else.
BJP has been losing Election after the 2019 lok sabha as it has lost the bye-election for Mandi Paralimentary bye-election of Three assemblies, the MC Election, and Assembly 2022 Election. 
The party is under pressure from the center to make come back soon but despite getting emotive issues in hand BJP couldn’t succeed to get a response from the people.
Brutal Murder of Dalit RTI activist Kedar Jindan, the public lynching of Dalit activists in Kullu during a religious ceremony, depriving funeral of Dalit People in Kullu district, and Forcing Students belonging to Dalit family to sit in a Horse stable during the Prime Minister special telecast to school children in the state and failure of BJP government to provide justice to a family member of Gudiya rape and murder case and mysterious killing of Forest Gaurd Hoshiyar Singh are some of the crime in which previous government remained to fail to provide justice without public movement.
Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that SIT has been constituted by the police to probe gorry crimes and the murder of Dalit activists but setting the alleged accused home on fire shows that the BJP leader is doing heinous Politics on the shocking crime.

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