HPTDC Information Center, Rly & HRTC booking centers vacated on Scandal points

District Administration and Shimla MC vacated the scandal points located at Himachal Tourism Information Center, Booking Centre of Northern Railway and Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation in the town this morning.

The three offices were running in an unsafe building on the scandal point. In the morning Information Center which also served as booking and front office for HPTDC(Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) was makeshift to a vacant hall of Town hall on the opposite side of Ridge Road.

Meanwhile, Railway and HRTC booking centers and other commercial buildings have closed down premises following an advisory issued by the district administration.

Two trees uprooted the backside of the three-story building and the structure became unsafe. Shimla MC issued an Advisory to the occupants to take precautions. 

It is worthwhile to mention that the top floor of the building is allocated to the Fire department.

Advisory has been issued to other buildings near the old Tibetan market housing three bank branches and a UTI mutual fund office.

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