Himachal Govt should provide relief to people associated with tourism: Pyar Singh

Bharatiya Janata Party’s state co-media in-charge Pyaar Singh said that this time due to heavy rains in the state, the tourism business has also suffered a lot. Whether it is taxi drivers or hoteliers or other businessmen related to tourism, all are facing heavy losses due to the stoppage of tourist movement in this rainy season.

The BJP leader said that due to the closure of main roads and link roads due to rain, tourists are not coming towards Himachal, which is directly affecting the income of people associated with the tourism business. Their livelihood has been made on this. Taxi drivers, dhaba operators, hotel businessmen, homestays, etc. have all been badly affected. Due to the absence of tourists, they have also become unable to pay the installments of the vehicle, the liabilities of the banks. In such a situation, the state government should immediately take effective and positive steps to provide relief to the people associated with the tourism business.

Pyaar Singh said that if the state government had made prior preparations to deal with the rains, the situation in Himachal would never have been so bad, but the government is not coming out of its honeymoon period.

He demanded the state government provide relief to the people associated with tourism by waiving taxes and electricity bills and making proper efforts to bring the tourism system back on track by improving the condition of the roads, leaving rhetoric.

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