Himachal Government to order probe into malpractices in recruitment by Cleanways company 

Himachal Pradesh Government announced in the state assembly that a probe would be held into malpractices that occurred in the recruitment of employees during the previous government. This was stated by Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri in the House today as he was replying to a walkout lodged by the Opposition BJP on the issue of the policy to outsource employees. He said that the BJP government could bring a policy to outsource employees but it kept on indulging in the illicit recruitment trades in the last five years. 

He said that an inquiry would be conducted into all the malpractices in the recruitment done in the last five years by the outsourced company Shimla Cleanways, which has been recruiting on a large scale on an outsourced basis.  He said that this company cheated the unemployed people of the state.  Forty crore rupees have been given to this company.  Dy CM said that the probe should have happened to know to whom this company paid money and whom not. The government would if the PF of an outsourced employee is deposited, all this will be investigated.  

Mukesh Agnihotri condemned the role of the opposition members when it was in power stating that they have no right to walk out on the issue of termination of jobs of outsourced workers as it is their deed.  He said that it has not been even 100 days since the BJP came out of power.  The public has driven them out of power.  They are not churning on why the public ousted them.  

He said that why did Jai Ram Thakur bring policy for the outsourced workers in his time, now when they are not in power they have awakened.  Dy CM stated that earlier he did not know how to run the government and now he does not know how to play the role of opposition. This House has been functioning for 15 days. But today they got the time to bring an adjournment motion. The government has not issued orders to remove any outsourced worker, if someone’s contract has expired then it is another matter. Deputy CM said that the government is committed to honouring the recommendations of the cabinet sub-committee on outsourcing employees. After receiving these recommendations, a decision would be taken on the issue of bringing a policy. He said that the government has decided to fill up all the functional five thousand posts.

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