Having two or less enrollment, 143 Primary & Middle Schools wind up in Himachal 

Amid the worst-ever economic distress aggravated by the devastation caused by the ongoing Monsoon rain, the Himachal Pradesh Government winded up around 117 Government Primary(GPS) and 26 Middle Schools (GMS) which are running from zero, one and two enrollment of students in the state.

A notification issued by the Secretary of Education Abhishek Jain here today said that 117 GPS in different districts, Subdivisions, and 26 GMS having an enrollment of two or less than two students are hereby denotified with immediate effect.

It is worthwhile to mention that 286 schools that were running with zero students were already denotified by the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh in the month of March this year. However fate of other schools which were having zero to two students was hanging in the air as the government didn’t want to close such schools for the sake of one or two students. 

More schools were denotified as the state was left with no alternative but to close down such schools as state coffers were already bleeding with horrific devastation. 

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