Governororor Shukla dedicates Himachal Raj Bhavan to General Public

Himachal Pradesh governor Shiv Pratap Shukla formally dedicated the  Raj Bhavan to the general public today. 

Lady Governor Janaki Shukla was also present on the occasion. The Himachal Pradesh Raj Bhavan will remain open for the general public from 2 pm to 5 pm on every Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said that the Barnes Court, which is now the Raj Bhavan, is a heritage building of the British era built in the year 1832. Indian skilled craftsmen have an important contribution to its construction. 

This building has special importance as it has been a witness to many historical events. He said that this heritage building should not be limited to ceremonies, so it is his endeavor to open it to the general public in ‘Amrit-Kaal’ so that they too could observe this heritage building and get information about its history.

Entry to the Raj Bhavan will be free for school students of the State and all children below the age of ten years, for which they will have to show their valid identity cards.

 Students of universities and colleges and visitors from the state and outside states will be given entry to the Raj Bhavan by paying a fee of Rs 30. The entry fee for foreign tourists will be Rs. 60. Admission will be free for persons with disabilities, awardees at national and state level.

 Soft copies of a maximum of 6 photographs and a Raj Bhavan brochure will be provided free of cost during the admission fee.

Before visiting the Raj Bhavan, visitors will also be shown a short film describing the brief historical and archaeological significance of Barnes Court. 

At one time 15 persons from any group will be able to enter Raj Bhavan and for school students, there can be 30 students in the group.

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