Governor Shukla inaugurates International Minjar Fair, Stresses preserving ancient folk traditions

Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla said that the glorious history and rich folk traditions of Himachal Pradesh were playing an important role in the progress and development of the State and stressed on preserving them for the future generation. He also stressed the need to raise awareness on the spread of illegal drugs in society.

The Governor was speaking as a Chief Guest at the inauguration of the historic Minjar fair in Chamba district today. This marks the Governor’s first visit to Chamba district in his capacity as the Governor. Lady Governor Janaki Shukla was also accompanying him.  He said that the Minjar Fair, renowned for its rich folk culture and natural beauty, showcases the unique identity of Himachal Pradesh’s culture, promoting brotherhood and fraternity

While addressing the gathering, Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla emphasized the pivotal role played by the glorious history and folk traditions of Himachal Pradesh in the progress and development of the State. He stressed the need to preserve these invaluable traditions for future generations to come. The Governor hailed the Minjar festival as a remarkable example of deep-rooted connections with ancient folk traditions, beliefs, and faiths.

During his speech, the Governor expressed his concern over the recent loss of life and property caused by heavy rains and floods in the State. He extended his gratitude to the Indian Air Force, Army, and paramilitary forces and locals involved for their significant contributions in relief and rescue operations. The Governor lauded the prompt response of the government, administration, and police force, as well as the central assistance of over 350 crores, which has helped in bringing the situation back to normalcy. He urged Non-Governmental Organizations to step forward and extend their support during these trying times.

Highlighting a grave concern, the Governor also spoke about the rising drug addiction in the State. He affirmed that the State Government is taking serious efforts to combat this menace, but emphasized the need for collective awareness and action against this evil. The preservation of culture and traditions is vital in countering anti-social elements trying to harm the society.

Amidst the festivities, the Governor formally inaugurated the Minjar Mela by hoisting the Minjar flag, accompanied by the melodious Kunjdi Malhar songs. He visited the ancient Lakshminarayan temple and sought blessings by presenting a Minjar.

On the occasion, the Governor also inaugurated the arts and crafts fair and an exhibition showcasing the achievements of the present government.

Furthermore, the Governor announced the formal commencement of the Minjar Mela Sports Competitions, contributing to the sense of enthusiasm and unity among the participants.

Deputy Commissioner and President of the Mela Committee Apoorva Devgan honored the Governor on behalf of the Organizing Committee. Abhishek Yadav, Superintendent of Police also honored him on behalf of Minjar Mela Sports Committee.

President, Municipal Council Chamba Neelam Nayyar presented Minjar to the Governor. Wife of Deputy Commissioner Shweta Devgan, honored the Lady Governor on the occasion.

On behalf of the Mela Committee, the Deputy Commissioner also honoured Speaker, HP Vidhan Sabha Kuldeep Singh Pathania, MLA Neeraj Nayyar and D.S. Thakur and former minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri.Secretary to the Governor, Sandeep Kadam, Councilors of Municipal Council, officers of various departments and other prominent people were also present on the occasion.

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