Forest wildlife wing rescued an ailing male leopard cub from  Chamba 

Showing regard to wildlife wealth villagers of Dramnala village of Gram Panchayat Dhulara Forest Range Bhatiyat in Chamba district facilitate to rescue ailing cub from the village on Saturday.

According to Divisional Forest Officer Dalhousie Rajneesh Mahajan, a male leopard has been rescued and handed over to the wildlife medical specialist of Gopalpur (Kangra) Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center in Dramnala village of Dhulara Gram Panchayat under Forest Range Bhatiyat.

 He told that today Forest Range Officer Sanjeev Kumar was informed by local villagers after sighting a male leopard in Dramnala village of Dhulara gram panchayat.  

Showing readiness, the departmental officials successfully rescued the leopard by using a dot with a tranquilizer gun and handed it over to the wildlife medical specialist of Gopalpur Zoo and Rescue Center.

 Wildlife medicine specialist Dr. Ashok Chandel said that the male leopard was found in a physically ill condition and was given first aid.

 Forest Divisional Officer Rajneesh Mahajan has expressed special gratitude to the people for informing the department after seeing the leopard.

 Appreciating villagers for resolving man animal conflict with great wisdom he urged  folks to keep cleanliness around their houses and cut bushes etc. from time to time to avoid wild animals to enter in the human habitation.

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