Five-day Diwali Utsav Mela 2022 will be organized by NABARD Himachal

While giving information today, Public Relations Officer of NABARD, Harendra Singh said that the five-day Diwali Utsav Mela 2022 will be organized by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Himachal Pradesh Regional Office, Shimla for the agricultural exhibition of the products of Self Help Groups and Farmers Producer Association. The event is being organized from 14 October to 18 October 2022 at the historic Ridge Ground in Shimla.

He said that in this fair, an exhibition of the products being prepared by the farmers of rural women and farmer producer organizations of self-help groups supported by NABARD would be put on display. He said that about 36 Self Help Groups and Farmer Producer Organizations from different districts of the whole of India are participating in the fair. He said that one such initiative was started in Shimla in the form of NABARD Gramya Utpad Mela 2018, in which an auspicious opportunity was given to women of Self Help Groups and Agricultural Producer Organizations to sell and buy their products.

He said that NABARD is proud of its tradition of inculcating hope, courage and creativity from crores of people in every nook and corner of the country. The role of NABARD in the field of rural development in India is unprecedented in order to facilitate credit flow and promote development for the development of agriculture, cottage industries and rural industries, etc. Along with the country, the Government of India established the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, NABARD. The same word is known as Development Bank.

He said that NABARD aims to achieve prosperity through participatory financial and non-financial interventions, innovations, technology and institutional development to promote sustainable and equitable agricultural and rural development. He informed that NABARD by virtue of its financial, developmental and supervisory role is touching almost every aspect of rural economy which includes providing refinance assistance, creation of rural infrastructure, preparation of district level credit plans, banking in achieving credit targets. To guide and motivate industry, to supervise co-operative banks and regional banks and to develop sound banking practices, to design new projects for rural development, to implement development schemes of the Government of India, to train handicraft artisans and to enable them to develop their own Providing a marketing platform to sell the product etc.

He said that under NABARD Micro Credit Innovation and Agriculture Sector Development Department, digitization of Self Help Groups, digitization of Self Help Groups, Eshakti, Village Level Programs, Micro Entrepreneurship Development Program, Livelihood Entrepreneurship Development Program, Rural Entrepreneurship Skill Development Program, Rural Entrepreneurship, cluster development, organizing exhibitions and fairs etc. has been doing various things in Himachal Pradesh.

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