Dogs and Monkey Menace, Shimla Nagarik Sabha met Mayor Surendra Chauhan

To get rid of the menace of dogs and monkeys, a delegation of Shimla Nagarik Sabha met Municipal Corporation Shimla Mayor Shri Surendra Chauhan and Deputy Mayor Uma Kaushal and submitted a memorandum to them. Shimla Nagarik Sabha has demanded that the problem of dogs and monkeys should be immediately resolved and the victims of their attacks should be given appropriate compensation, compensation, reimbursement, and compensation amount, otherwise, the Nagarik Sabha will have to take the path of agitation. The Mayor assured us that concrete steps will soon be taken in this regard and it will be resolved. The delegation included Vijendra Mehra, Jagat Ram, Anil Thakur, Ram Prakash, Sunil Vashishtha, Vivek Kashyap, Deep Ram, Pratap, Ratti Ram, Rajan Khachi, Shyam, Pawan, Himanshu, Ram Krishna etc.

Shimla Nagarik Sabha co-convenor Vijendra Mehra has said that due to increasing terror and attacks by dogs and monkeys, many people have lost their lives and many have been seriously injured in Shimla city in the last few years. Among these, the cases of Shimla City and Tutu Dhandha are well known. It has become common for dogs and monkeys to bite local people and tourists. Shimla city is a famous tourist destination on the world map. Here, the local people are living in fear due to the terror of dogs and monkeys and the obstruction in the movement of tourists, etc. The Municipal Corporation of Shimla’s inactivity for years, maintaining silence, and not making any policy in this regard is beyond comprehension. Is. The Honorable High Court of Himachal Pradesh has also commented several times on the issue of monkeys and dogs biting citizens but Municipal Corporation Shimla has still not been able to take any concrete initiative. The name of tourist destination Shimla has been tarnished on the world map due to groups of dogs and monkeys roaming freely on Mal Road, Shimla, biting people, snatching luggage from tourists, attacking them fatally, and spreading filth in Shimla city. This has indirectly adversely affected the tourism of Shimla city.

The recent incident occurred on 9 February 2024 when a pack of more than 20 dogs attacked a senior citizen of Shimla city, Mr. Jagat Ram, near the DC office and CTO in the heart of the city, in which he suffered serious injuries. With great difficulty, he was able to escape with his life. It has become common for groups of dogs and monkeys to roam freely in the middle of the city and carry out deadly attacks on citizens. Due to this, it has become difficult for people to move around even on Mall Road in Shimla. The condition of other areas of the city is even more pathetic and serious than this.

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