CSIR- IHBT, Palampur under CSIR-Floriculture Mission on Distributed 600 horticulture saplings in five schools

CSIR- Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur (CSIR-IHBT) under CSIR-Floriculture Mission on November 30, 2023 Distributed 600 horticulture saplings in five schools of Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Schools include GSSS Sansal, GSSS Ahju, GSSS Roparikaleru, GSSS Ladbadol and GSSS Pandol are included. The objective of this horticulture development program is to establish gardens within the school premises.To facilitate and promote an environment where students can enjoy gardening and To engage in landscaping activities. This will also increase their awareness and practical knowledge. CSIR-IHBT members planted Bougainvillea, Aralia, Plumeria, Many plants like Nerium, Schefflera, Ashoka, Araucaria, Figs, Hibiscus and Tacoma Distributed in the presence of school staff and students and also in the courtyards of schools. All the members actively participated and planted these new plants in their schools. School children showed enthusiasm and generosity in adoption. Dr. Sudesh Kumar Yadav, Director, CSIR-IHBT for this activity congratulated the team. He said that this mission will provide the public with flowers, horticulture plants and Will work in various phases to create awareness about the importance of landscaping. Dr. Bhavya Bhargava, Mission Nodal, CSIR-IHBT said that garden development program will help the youth to connect with nature and enhance the aesthetics of the school.
He said that our team not only distributes planting material in schools but also helps in gardening.
While making you aware of the importance of these plants, it also gives brief information about these plants. On this occasion, the principals of the schools congratulated CSIR-IHBT and its team.
They thanked CSIR for provide education on quality planting material and garden development techniques.

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