Congress taking credit for approved works of BJP government in Kasumpti : Bhotka

 Rural Development Minister and MLA Anirudh Singh are taking credit for the works approved during the previous BJP government’s tenure in the Kasupanti constituency. Whereas after the Congress government came to power in the state, not a single new work has been started in the Kasumpti assembly constituency. Kasumpti BJP Mandal President Jitendra Bhotka said in a statement issued on Tuesday that the development works approved during the BJP government’s tenure are still going on in the Kasumpti constituency. He told that for 12 panchayats of the Junga area, the BJP government has approved an ambitious drinking water scheme worth Rs. 25 crores, the credit of which is being taken from every forum by the Congress government. He told that a great achievement of the Congress government has been that the offices and educational institutions which were opened by the former BJP government in Kasupanti Vis have been locked.
Bhotka told that the sub-tehsils opened by the BJP government in Koti and Baldenyan were also denotified by the Congress government. Similarly, for the convenience of the people, two patwar circles were opened in Satog and Satlai, due to which people were getting revenue-related facilities at their doorstep. Due to their closure, the people of Saltai have to travel about 30 kilometers via Pajauli Valley to reach Peeran, similarly, the people of Satog Panchayat have to go to Dharech. On the demand of the people of Peeran, the BJP government issued a notification to open a veterinary hospital, which was denotified as soon as the Congress government came to power. Undoubtedly, this is the system change format of the Congress government.
BJP Mandal President said that the Congress government has cheated women in the name of giving 1500 rupees. Even after seven months, the guarantees given during the elections have not been implemented. Three hundred units of free electricity have not been received to date, the consumers are taking advantage of the 125 units of free electricity approved by the BJP government. Bhotka told that people’s attention is being diverted to hide the failures of the state government, but people have understood the words and actions of the Congress within seven months.

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