Congress should fulfill the guarantee of Rs 1500 per month, otherwise women will come against the government: BJP

 BJP State General Secretary Dr. Sikandar Kumar, Trilok Kapoor and Bihari Lal Sharma said that the people of Himachal are repeatedly asking the same question that where are the guarantees of the Congress government.

The Congress party, which made tall promises during the election period, forgot its promises as soon as it came to power, this is not a new thing in the Congress party. Congress party has done this many times in its history to get power. But he has given a guarantee, where is he, the Congress leaders will have to answer for this.

He said that 22 lakh women of Himachal Pradesh are still waiting for their rights, 9 months have passed but not even a single month has come in which Rs 1500 has come in their account. In this hour of calamity, the women of Himachal Pradesh miss this guarantee a lot, because perhaps this amount would have proved to be a relief for the women in the manner in which a difficult period had come over Himachal Pradesh.

The BJP leader said that we demand from the Congress party and its government that an amount of Rs 13500 should be deposited in the accounts of 22 lakh women of Himachal Pradesh with immediate effect. This is 9 months dues of Himachali women. Otherwise the women and sisters of Himachal Pradesh will be forced to come on the streets.

He said that all the Congress leaders had said during the elections that while taking a decision in the first cabinet, we will start giving Rs 1500 to the women of Himachal Pradesh as soon as they come to power. But what happened to deceit, treachery and cheating, 9 months have passed as well as Rakshabandhan has passed but the sisters of the state kept waiting for their rights. Sukhu ji tie one thing in a knot, you will have to give this right of sisters.

It is known that senior Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi is also coming to Himachal, she will also remember that during the elections, she too had made the same promise to the women. They should also tell the public when the guarantees will be fulfilled.

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