Congress put a burden of 1500 crores on the public: Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajeev Bindal while addressing a press conference in Shimla said that Himachal Pradesh is going through a big phase of calamity and calamity and under this phase Himachal government has waived VAT on diesel twice within 7 months. Have given a big one.

This government has increased VAT by Rs 3 in January and last night also by Rs 3. When the Bharatiya Janata Party government was working in Himachal Pradesh, then in November 2021, VAT on diesel was reduced by Rs 17 and then VAT on diesel used to be 4.40 paise and now after increasing VAT twice, the people of Himachal have to pay VAT on diesel. 10.40 will have to be paid Rs.

By changing VAT, the Congress government has directly increased the economic burden on the people of the state by Rs 1500 crore.

Today, this government should have done the work of applying balm on the wounds of the people of Himachal Pradesh, but they have done the work of applying salt.

This is the new era of the government of happiness.

He said that when the Congress party wanted to come to power, they had put 10 guarantees before the public, but there was also a hidden guarantee. The name of that hidden guarantee was to increase VAT in inflation and diesel.

Congress leaders have done the work of fulfilling this hidden guarantee first, but have made all other guarantees disappear.

He said that due to the change of diesel, inflation increases in the entire state. The apple season is at its peak, the roads are not good and now the freight is set to increase. Construction material will be expensive, cement will be expensive, rebar will be expensive, now relief work is going on in the whole state, JCB machines are on the roads. Due to diesel being expensive, their cost will also increase, so the relief work in disaster will also be expensive.

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