Congress propaganda is in the air for Shimla MC elections: Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajeev Bindal said that senior Congress leader Mukesh Agnihotri is completely fuming, the way the BJP is campaigning vigorously in the municipal elections, all the Congress leaders are completely fuming. Are.

He said that when there was a triple-engine government in Himachal Pradesh, comprehensive and all-around development works were done in the entire state and ever since the Congress government came to power in Himachal Pradesh, the development works have come to a standstill.

The triple-engine government gave Himachal Pradesh a big institution like AIIMS, a bulk drug park, and many other work plans, perhaps the Congress party has forgotten this. It is clearly visible from Mukesh Agnihotri’s speech that Congress leaders are scared of defeat.

He said that BJP is a worker-based political party and not BJP but Congress party is divided today Congress party’s campaign was seen in air form, in many wards their leaders are clearly unable to even ask for votes for their candidates.

Chief Minister Sukhu even said in a public meeting that Jaundice happened during the tenure of BJP, but if someone had given Jaundice in Shimla, it was due to the Congress government.

If the Congress party had faith in itself, it would not have made promises in these municipal elections, it would have given guarantees once again, but when the guarantees given by it in the assembly elections have not yet been fulfilled, then the Congress party has backed away from giving guarantees in the municipal elections. Is.

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