Congress guaranteed to give 300 units free during elections, now increases the rates: Sharma

BJP Chief Spokesperson Randhir Sharma said that the present government has increased the electricity rates and it is an anti-people decision.

He said that the BJP opposes the hike in electricity rates.

Sharma said that when the assembly elections were going on, the leaders of the Congress party had given a guarantee of giving 300 units of free electricity to the people of Himachal Pradesh, but the air of this guarantee has gone out and in return the rates of electricity have been increased. Has been given.

Earlier, the government had increased the rates of diesel by Rs. 3 and now by increasing the rates of electricity, it has put a burden on the public.

Congress minister Jagat Negi said that the government cannot do anything in this, it is the decision of the Regulatory Commission, but let us tell that the government could have saved the public from this burden by giving its grant. Even during the BJP government, the matter of such increase had come to the fore many times, but the BJP government has always given grants to the Regulatory Commission, this has been giving relief to the public, we will raise this issue in the Vidhansabha also and this anti-people decision will be taken up. Will strongly oppose.

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