Bhagmati is living a miserable life with her family in an iron sheets shed

Despite being in the BPL for six years, Bhagmati has not received any help from the government to date to build her own house. Be it heavy rains, storms, or shivering cold, Bhagmati is forced to lead a miserable life in a shed made of iron sheets. The claims of the government to provide housing schemes to the poor are proving to be hollow on the ground. Let us tell you that Bhagmati has been living in Dhare with her husband and two children for the last 17 years in Shilli village of Peeran Panchayat at the end of Mashobra block.
According to Bhagmati, in the year 2018, her family was included in the BPL list in Peeran Panchayat. After that, she continuously begged the local panchayat and higher officials for the plan of the house, but she was not heard at any level to date. Narrating her woes, Bhagmati told that due to the lack of a door in her dhara many times poisonous snakes and scorpions enter at night during the rainy season due to which her family is living in a dreadful condition. All the rainwater gets inside the gutter, making it difficult to cook and sleep. In winter it becomes difficult to spend nights with children in the freezing cold. Told that he had started building a house by working hard and that too was incomplete due to lack of money.
Expressing regret, Geeta Thakur, head of cluster-level women’s organization Keonthal, said that resourceful families are taking full advantage of BPL while the poor person is still waiting for their turn in the last corner of society. She has urged CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu and Rural Development Minister Anirudh Singh to investigate the bias against this eligible family and help Bhagmati to build a house.
State President of Kisan Sabha, Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar said that even after 75 years of independence, if any family has to live in Dhara, it is miserable. They have demanded the government give Bhagmati a housing scheme.
Peeran Panchayat Secretary Rajeev Thakur said that the name of Bhagmati has been sent by the Gram Panchayat to the higher officials of the department for the housing scheme.

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