Apple growers on the roads, HP Government busy in secretariat: Nanda

BJP’s media in-charge Karn Nanda said that Baghwan is on the streets in the entire state and the government is planning only by sitting in the secretariat. The apple season is going on at its peak in Himachal Pradesh and no concrete policy is being formulated by the state government regarding this.

Growers are facing great difficulties in the apple-rich areas of Himachal Pradesh. Whether you talk about Kullu or Rampur, continuous sit-in demonstrations are going on, both women and men gardening are on the roads. It seems clear that the state government has failed in its work.

He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is continuously going before the public for the rights of apple growers. We believe that the state government should tell us how long it will take to implement the APMC Act 2005 properly.

When will the demand to regulate the freight under the Act be fulfilled? When will the demand for fixing the fare of apples on the basis of weight and distance and implementation of universal carton be fulfilled.

When will the GST on cartons, tapes, machines and other equipment used in apple packing be abolished, when will the support price of apples be announced for A grade Rs 80, B grade Rs 60 and C grade Rs 30. 90% grant ear will be provided to farmer cooperatives for making CA stores.

We demand that the provision of keeping apples in 25% share to the gardener in the CA store set up by the private company should be strictly implemented immediately. The subsidy pending for years for spray machines, power tillers and anti helmets etc. used in horticulture should be provided immediately. The outstanding money of the gardeners should be paid immediately to the brokers and buyers. Illegal recovery from gardeners at various barriers in the state should be stopped.

Stop the cut of 3 kg on selling the crate of apples and stop the cut of 2 kg in the box of apples by the brokers immediately. Also, work on an active war footing in waiving the loans taken by the horticulturists from various banks and institutions and providing subsidized medicines.

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