Adani to begin Apple buying from 1st September

 The Procurement Agency of Adani, Agri Fresh decided to start buying apples next week probably from September 1 as a decision taken by the company on Friday.

According to the spokesperson of Adani Agrifrash due to the natural calamity in the state, this year the company has decided not to do any kind of rejections of Produce at the collection centers.

 These instructions have been given to the plant managers in the meeting held on Friday under the chairmanship of the CEO of the company.  The company has set a target of procuring 25,000 metric tonnes of apples this year.

 Adani started buying apples on August 15 last year.  Adani Agri Fresh Limited procures apples on the basis of color, size, and weight of the  Apples which do not meet the standards are not procured. 

 This year, the state is facing severe natural calamity during the apple season, so the company has decided not to reject non-compliant apples.  Whatever the quality of the apple, it will be purchased.

 Adani has three collection centers at Sainj in Theog, Mehndali in Rohru, and Bithal in Rampur.  

The plant at Bithal has the highest capacity of 10,000 MT.  Sainj Plant 7500 and Mehndali Plant are also of 7500 MT capacity. 

 The company would provide crates to the orchardists to bring them to the apple plant.  The company claims that 15,000 gardener families from 700 villages in Himachal give their produce to the company every year.

According to a state government spokesperson state would keep a close watch on private companies.  Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi has bluntly said that regular inspections would be done to ensure that the company management does not exploit the horticulturists. 

” If the prices of apples are dropped arbitrarily, a notice will be issued and a reply will be summoned.” The state government has already apprised all the private Procurement agencies.

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