A press conference on the 3 years implementation of the National Education Policy was organized at the Indian Institute of Higher Studies Shimla

A press conference on the National Education Policy was organized at the Indian Institute of Higher Studies, Shimla on Thursday. Which was organized under the joint auspices of the Indian Institute of Higher Studies, the Press Information Bureau, Shimla, and the Regional Directorate of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. The press conference was addressed by the Institute’s National Fellow Professor Anand Kumar and Professor Harpal Singh.

Giving information during the press conference, Professor Anand Kumar said that the curriculum developed under the National Education Policy 2020 provides opportunities for multidisciplinary and holistic education to the students in a highly flexible framework as envisaged. He highlighted the innovations being made by the institute in this direction while explaining the inclusion of modern education and Indian knowledge tradition. He said that while cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence are available today, the education policy also teaches curriculum on the ‘Indian Knowledge System’. The new education policy also enables to develop vocational skills in collaboration with industry and promotes self-employment.

Addressing the press conference, Professor Harpal Singh, a National Fellow of the institute, said that the new education policy talks about educating a person as well as making him self-reliant. While making a person aware of national duties, it also makes him aware of his responsibilities towards his nation. Provides and provides for freedom of study while exploring the interrelationships of various subjects. Taking forward his point, Professor Harpal Singh said that the new education policy gives the facility to study any subject in different regional languages ​​which helps in the development of fundamental knowledge. He shared valuable insights on integrating skill development initiatives with National Education Policy (NEP) implementation. The education policy emphasizes the importance of equipping students with the practical skills required for employment in today’s competitive scenario. He highlighted the collaboration between skill development programs and educational institutions, aimed at bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Answering various questions during the press conference, both speakers threw light on various aspects of the National Education Policy, and Indian Knowledge System. Solutions to various experimental problems were also discussed.

During the press conference, along with the above speakers, the officers of the institute, Joint Director of Press Information Office Pritam Singh, Assistant Director Sukhchain Singh, Officer of Central Skill Development and Enterprise Department ML Verma, officials of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan were present. The program was coordinated by Institute Public Relations Officer Akhilesh Pathak.

Coinciding with the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the National Education Policy 2020, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate the 2nd All India Education Conclave on 29th July 2023 at ITPO, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The two-day event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, promises to be a platform to launch various innovative initiatives aimed at further strengthening India’s education ecosystem.

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