7 members of a family die in a landslide at Jadon village near Kandaghat, Solan

Seven Members of a family including four children and a woman died as they were buried in the house after a landslide at Jadon village under Kandaghat Tehsil of Solan district last night.

President of Gram Panchayat Mamligh Harichand said that all the deceased were identified and educated from the debris. The deceased include Harnam son of Rati Ram his two children, the Wife of deceased Harnam and Grandson, and the son-in-law of Ratiram. 

He said that a massive landslide hit a house belonging to Ratiram last night and buried ten people only three persons were rescued from the debris and three were found dead.

According to state Disaster Management currently rainfall, havoc has caused significant damage to infrastructure and affected the lives of many people.

 The local authorities are actively responding to these incidents. Death toll into recent rain went up to 264 in the state. Around 500 roads including National Highway are washed away and disrupted by the landslide and flashflood. 

Many areas along the river are kept on high alert. Nerchoke and Balh of Mandi district are submerged in the rising of water level of Suketi khuds. Water and Power Supply disrupted in 200 DTR in the state.

Normal life is out of gear. Reports received from Police control in Shimla said that the power supply is affected in the capital town. Three trees uprooted overnight damaged a parked bus near Khalin.

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