7.19 PC share of Himachal in Chandigarh: Shanta Kumar hails HP CM for pressing center 

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu is pressing the union government to settle a 7.19 percent share of the state in Chandigarh city was hailed by BJP stalwart and former union minister Shanta Kumar.  This was stated by the former two-time Chief Minister from Palampur on his social media page. He said that it is a matter of happiness that the new government of Himachal Pradesh is trying to get the rights of Himachal Pradesh from the central government.  It is a matter of misfortune that Himachal Pradesh has not got proper rights in the schemes of the Center till date.  BJP leader stated that despite having different political affiliations they all are with state government on this issue.

He said that after becoming the Chief Minister in 1977, I spoke to the Central Government on this subject.  After making complete preparations, when I told my views to Prime Minister Morarji Desai, he agreed, expressed sympathy, and called the Chief Ministers of all three states to Delhi.  I talked about the Jogindernagar Shanan project and Himachal getting 7.19 percent rights( in Chandigarh).  

After listening to everyone, the Prime Minister talked about appointing a committee.  ” I said that injustice is already happening in Himachal, a committee would be formed, the report would come and there will be a delay.  I urged that till then Himachal should get its share of power in a temporary manner.  Mr. Devi Lal ji protested but Mr. Parkash Singh Badal ji supported me and at the same time a historic decision was taken to get 15 MW power to Himachal Pradesh from the Vyas Sutlej project, later the Subramaniam Committee was formed.” BJP leader who retired from active politics said.

 Mr Kumar said that after becoming the CM again in 1990 he also fought again to get the rights of Himachal.  Historical ‘Himachal Adhikar Yatra ‘ to Delhi with five thousand public representatives, Panch Pachayant Samiti, Zilla Parishad members, MLAs, and MPs.  Dharna in Delhi along with state leaders Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Krishnalal Sharma specially sat with us in that dharna.  Gave a memorandum to the President in that regard.

  He said that Himachal Pradesh continued to get 15 MW of power till 2011.  This whole matter went to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court not only accepted this demand of the state. It also decided to pay the arrears from the past.  Formalities are being done in this regard.  Former Union Minister hope that very soon the state would get about 6000 Cr rupees from the center.  He has urged Mr. Sukhu to complete the formalities in this regard and get this amount.

Shanta Kumar hoped that he is happy that as a result of the struggle that started in 1978 and 1990 to get the rights of the hill state, the Supreme Court got justice.  Himachal government should try to get the rest of the rights, we all would ill support it.

It is worthwhile to mention that soon after taking the oath of the Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu is vehemently raising the interstates issues like state share in Punjab Reorganisation, the state also staking a claim on various irrigation water supply schemes including Govinder Sagar and Maharanapartap Pong Dam and a number of hydropower projects which are under the control of Punjab government. The state has limited resources for revenue generation and about 60 percent of land under forests is paying heavy costs to save the environment however state could not exercise full control of the existing water and natural recourses under joint ownership. 

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